Connected live broadcasting

Revolutionizing live entertainement since 1994

No matter if you're a soccer, baseball or curling fan, we all feel the same excitement and goosebumps watching the best game's moments in slow-motion and multi-angle views on our tablet.
This has been made possible with one Belgian company, EVS.

  • User Experience
  • Web design
  • Web development

Not another big web portal

Live broadcasting is a badass market. The technology behind it must be flawless. Period. So when the 2 decades market leader contacts you to overhaul its website, you know it won't be yet-another-typical job.

With more than 500 people working in 100 different countries, dozens of Terabytes in their download page and strict legal constraints, EVS is the too-big-to-be-cool website any creative agency would avoid, especially given their complex market.

Yet we didn't frown and got to the pulp : it was a good opportunity to apply our UX expertise to an extensive and dense website. Thanks to EVS trust, we could benefit from enough latitude to build a modular and flexible user interface that would support their long-term expansion.

After countless commits and merge requests, EVS website is still up and running with new features and changes that come up every month powered by EPIC.


What is the most effective system that would hold a lot of content as well as just a few lines of text?

The grid

One grid to rule them all.

Even if some tends to move away from grid structure to design websites, it remains the most effective technique to manage very complex yet diversified contents.

We spent a lot of time playing with dozens of grid settings and wireframes and, let's face it, it was a hell of a job. Dealing with the homepage, the heavy loaded news section, jobs listing, financial statements and product pages, it required a lot of time to figure out what layout was best for EVS.

We ended up designing a 6-column grid that allowed numerous content layout combinations including responsive ones.

Visual Direction

How to make a big information portal not look like... another big portal?

User Interface

A good interface is invisible interface

After solving the grid system issue, we needed to build a styleguide that would not add complexity to the website.

Because Live broadcasting is a very complicated business, we soon realised we couldn't prevent dense pictureless pages to be published.
This is why we designed a subtle interface and navigation system that uses basic shapes and colours.


Building a subtle, universal interface doesn't mean giving up on rich-layout design. On the contrary!
With such a deep hierarchy of content, top-level pages become essential to engage as they act as a funnel for the user to dive into deeper, more technical content.
Product pages, News and Download centers represent some of these top-level pages that could not be neglected.


A long-standing collaboration!

EVS keeps on evolving and growing. So does the website. New campaigns and user feature requests combined to expanding sales strategies enrich the global digital experience, putting our initial grid/layout to the test everyday.
And this is the part we love most!

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