Blur the line between work and play

People just wanna have fun!

Working on a game is probably the most rewarding job for our designers and developers. Fortunately, gaming is also a valuable way of rewarding the loyalty of your customers while raising your brand awareness. Having fun together is our ultimate goal!

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We keep our weapons sharp

When it comes to making side projects at EPIC, we often take a stab gaming. The challenges involved in making various games keeps our skills sharp and our minds on the cutting edge of technical innovations.

Spartans vs Hipsters

Spartans vs Hipsters was birthed from the twisted minds of our team members after some serious brainstorming. We came up with the idea of ruthless bloodthirsty Spartans killing soft cuddly hipsters in a multiplayer cross device game. Invite your friends to join you and make all these supposedly cool guys atrociously suffer and die, just as they deserve.

Kill them all

Behind the brutes

What is EPIC really made of... deep down inside of each member of our team?

That was the initial concept of "Behind the Brutes".

We created two 3D illustrations of the team: our true selves and an X-Ray version of us. We packed everything into an interactive game and sent it to our clients to wish them happy new year.

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Interacting with the 3rd dimension

Sometimes 2 dimensions are not enough.
At EPIC, we developed an expertise in 3D programming for the web through different projects.
Not only these projects are cute, they are highly addictive and fun to play.

Moments of happiness

Moments of happiness is a series of experiments made to melt your heart. An overload of cuteness that will make you feel good for the rest of the day. Technically, these little guys are all made of 3D meshes, shaders, lots of love and flat colors. Entirely coded by hand, without any 3D software used, they are the technical proof of our ability to master the most profound aspects of 3D rendering in a browser.

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Red Bull Chordsurfer

Red Bull asked us if we could produce an electronic music game, preferably in 3D within 2 months. So, we came up with a simple yet addictive concept: a game where the player needs to survive as long as possible by switching between 3 different lanes, picking up musical instruments and avoiding the gaps and traps.

It’s a light, addictive and viral game.

Besides creating the different 3D assets, we had to make an infinite runner, generated procedurally while keeping a decent framerate on different devices and browsers. It was a massive challenge. We had to optimize a lot of aspects to keep the game fun to play, whilst still being engaging for people who wanted to discover electronic music.

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What are we proud of with these games? They have all won awards and recognition, and have generated a humongous amount of visits. Even the older ones are still being played today on a daily basis.

So, would you play with us?