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What makes us good illustrators

We grew up watching Myazaki’s Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, we are huge fans of Georges Méliès and we still enjoy every Tim Burton’s Movie. We believe that illustrations and animations are a direct access to unexpected universes born from incredible minds.

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The key to a great story

We believe in the power of a good story. And a great illustration should always tell a story. Whether it was for Babel, My Epic Stories or UPS, our illustrations have not only been made to deliver a message but also to create an atmosphere that supports the values we try to convey.

Babel, the cat who would be king.

Babel is the story of a grumpy old cat, who declared himself King and faced a great disillusionment. Illustrating for a children app is a very specific skill. Illustrations need to be colourful and rich yet simple enough to help kids understand the interactivity involved in each page of the app.

Babel Website

My EPIC Stories

My EPIC Stories is a children’s app delivered with ready-made stories that you can modify and use to create new ones. It can be seen as a toolbox that lets the user express his creativity. The ready-made stories are a starting point to imagine unexpected new tales.

Making a story builder means working with modules and skeletons. Moreover, characters, objects and environments created for My EPIC Stories had to comply to different constraints while conveying a unique look and feel.

My EPIC stories website

When cutezilla meets UPS

UPS is what we could call internally a “serious” brand. Everything in their branding is under a very strict control. When they hired us for the cyber monday campaign, we really wanted to tell a funny, crazy, unexpected story, while staying inside the boundaries of their branding and values. We were very happy they trusted our crazy ideas.

Watch louise saving the world

Explanatory illustrations

Explaining your business to your customers is probably something you are to do on a daily basis.
A well-thought animation can effectively support you in this mission.

Saving the world with the Crop Trust

The Crop Trust is dedicated to saveguard crop diversity. Their mission is essential although not very well understood by governments and public. With this in mind, we created a few animated videos to explain their mission and and why crop diversity is crucial to our future.

Lighting solutions


Lighting up a street economically, helping people to enjoy sitting in a park by night or optimising energy in a factory... that’s the mission of Schreder thanks to their smart lighting solutions.
We created a series of short animations that aims at highlighting all possibilites and technologies that run behind these solutions.

Watch the video


Broadcasting big events live on TV is technically way more complicated than we might think. It requires complex server architectures and cutting-edge software solutions.

When it comes to broadcasting video, EVS is clearly at the top of its game delivering tailor-made solutions for every market segment.
Showcasing and explaining those solutions in a simple and appealing way is a real challenge though.
This is why we designed a visual map of their solutions that lies at the fronteer between illustrations and data vizualisation. A map that is both illustrative, informative and flexible enough to highlight one particular solution when needed.
The illustration was since then used for videos, animations and interactive installations.

Illustrations for gaming

Illustrating for a game involves a very good technical understanding of browser capabilities. Depending on the gameplay, the game engine used and the interactivity we need to implement, it is essential to create tailor-made illustrations and character design.

Red Bull Chordsurfer

A 3D musical game browser AND mobile compatible, that’s the challenge we faced for Red Bull Chordsurfer.

Illustrations required a low poly style to work on as many devices as possible while keeping the game fun, fast and addictive.

Chordsurfer case study

Behind the brutes

What is EPIC really made of... deep inside of each member of our team?
That was the initial concept of "Behind the Brutes".
We created two 3D illustrations of the team: our true selves and an X-Ray version of us. We packed everything into an interactive game and sent it to our clients to wish them happy new year.

Play the game

Kill'em all

Spartans vs Hipsters

A multiplayer cross devices game based on a crazy idea of ruthless spartans killing cuddly hipsters needed an unexpected design.
The atmosphere of the game is totally unique thanks to the freedom we allowed to the creative team.

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Illustration as a branding

Illustrative elements added to your identity brings the unique touch you need to convey the right emotion to your customers.

After facing the economical crisis in the dairy industry, a local family farm asked us to rebrand its products to help better communicate its values. A fresh and modern branding widely based on a charming illustrative style made the job.


Creating a unique, diversified and flexible visual universe for a startup is not as easy as it may sound.
The company has to scale fast, quickly adapt to the market reality while their branding has to tell a strong and engaging story.

For Bamm - an app to spend your freetime in a smarter way with your friends - we designed friendly and fresh illustrative elements that could be easily combined to create new visual materials.


Your iconography is an important part of your branding and a very complex illustrative process. An icon needs to work on different sizes. It’s often the smallest representation of your service or your product and it must be legible at first glance. We love creating custom icon sets for our clients.

Icons for EXKi

Icons for EPIC


You got it, we like illustrations! Not only are we capable of drawing beautiful characters but also think about the story you want to tell, find the right tone of voice, make storyboards, design atmosphere and most importantly... make all these drawings move and interact with the users in a lot of different ways.

This is what makes us EPIC!










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