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Sorry, who are you?

Brands are like people. They communicate emotions, promote certain values, and each one has a unique story. Designing your visual identity is a way of telling the world who you are, along with the feelings you wish to convey.

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From small to big

Even for brand creation, we believe that even the tiniest pixel counts to your biggest enterprise. “The devil is in the detail” and the slightest branding element could make the difference and suddenly make your business pop out.

Rebranding Crop Trust

Crop Trust is an international organisation working to preserve crop diversity and sustainability. For us, they are like a caring mother diligently saving up to ensure her child’s education. Their visual identity reflects their organisation’s values: caring, committed and diverse.

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Food Forever

Our long term collaboration with Crop Trust has led us to work on some of their campaigns. Among them, the Food Forever Initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of agricultural biodiversity. The objective was to communicate this sense of urgency in a friendly and attractive way. To that effect, we opted for visuals that blended colourful gradients with bold typography.

Standing out is what we do best

Innovation stems from small businesses. That sense of novelty is something that thrills us. The visual identity of these smaller players is crucial and we take pride in helping them shine so that their dreams, however ambitious and lofty they might be, can hopefully some day come true.

Ferme de Sohan

A reputable farm that takes pride in producing high quality organic food deserves an identity that reflects its sterling reputation. Their visuals are inspired by handmade engravings and the sense of tradition is also conveyed by the extended ‘H’ letter, referring to the two towers in the old farm house. History and tradition come together within this redesigned and modernised version of a classical typeface.


Kensu (formerly known as ‘Data Fellas’) hired us to conceive their new identity, focused on corporate activity and business. In order to achieve this, the visual language we designed for them combined vivid colours with a minimalistic style.

Corporate branding

Corporate branding is twofold: on the one hand, it deals with a company’s identity, their history and their values; on the other, visual codes and design have their own set of rules. Conceiving outstanding campaigns involves breaking those rules in clever and creative ways so that each campaign can stand out and be noticed, while enhancing a company’s image.

Serel industry

SEREL makes instruments to measure the density of industrial textiles. The sign we designed for them articulates 3 different concepts: the density, fabrics and the ”S“ from SEREL.


We are fully committed to designing outstanding campaigns and compelling visual branding that can grab an audience’s attention and leave them with a powerful image. Our job is to understand what makes you special and channel that beauty into a design that will do you justice.
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