Red Bull Chordsurfer

Do you have what it takes to keep pace?

Redbull Chordsurfer

An infinite runner game on acid

When Red Bull asked us if we could produce an electronic music game, preferably in 3D within 2 months, we muted the panic alarm that resonated deep inside our heads and just said yes.
And it was a good decision!

  • Experiments
  • Gaming
  • Illustration & animation
  • User Experience

So let's make a game

With the pre-established concept of exploring a DJ hidden talent in each player, we suggested an “infinite-runner game on acid” with sound effects to control and featuring a famous DJ who helped the player create the best soundtrack.

We wanted the premise to be simple yet addictive: the player needs to survive as long as possible by switching between 3 different lanes, picking up musical instruments and avoiding gaps and maluses.

Art direction

The art direction of the project went through different stages.

Considering the campaign the game was supposed to support changed during the project, we were able to easily adapt the development and the concept to the new product “Red Bull TV’s Season of festivals”.
We went from a dark, electronic, stroboscopic atmosphere to a much brighter and spotted visual approach.

Light, addictive, viral

Given the short deadlines, it was obvious that we had no time to design different levels. Therefore we logically decided to make a procedural game. An infinite runner with a progressive difficulty wasn’t without challenges to tackle though! We had to make a lot of optimisations to keep the game fun to play, working with a decent framerate on mobile devices while being meaningful for people who wanted to discover electronic music.

Agile FTW!

Because we felt the client had the right profile and experience, we suggested working with the Agile Methodology and SCRUM specifically.

More practically, the designers started working on the art direction while the developers were building prototypes in very quick and iterative way.

The client was involved with the project team from Day One on a daily basis. We thus brilliantly overcame the obstacle of working remotely from Belgium while achieving our objectives quite easily.

After a frantic two-month rush, we delivered the finalized and polished version of the game ahead of time (which was a “never seen before” for Red Bull!).

Despite the distance between EPIC and Red Bull's Austrian headquarters, the involvement of the whole team from Day 1 combined with a close and efficient cooperation with the client was the key to make Chordsurfer a successful project!






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