Red Bull Airdrop Game

A hot-air balloon to refresh the world.

In a nutshell

Red Bull lauched a new range of soft drinks : Organics by Red Bull, and asked us to make a game to support their worldwide campaign.

  • Experiments
  • Gaming
  • Illustration & animation
  • User Experience

Flying over

the biggest cities

You are at the command of a hot-air balloon and navigate through the infinite skies, avoiding meteors and fog clouds while collecting Organics cans and dropping them on special drop zones.

The action takes place above different big cities targeted by the campaign.

From Cairo to New York

One of the biggest challenges was to create a tiny planet that gathered several big cities in a very limited space. We shamelessly gave up basic geography and decided to focus on the fun of the experience. We designed very simple yet recognizable low-poly cities.

Play for the fun, share for the pride.

More than any other game plateform, Facebook Instant game allows every player to show the world how good of a player he/she is. Sharing functionalities, achievements, highscores and game contextes are at the heart of the mechanism that could potentially make any game a huge success.

We took full advantage of the Facebook Instant game's api to reach players from all around the world and kept them engaged by using a custom chatbot that sent rewards and custom messages throughout the campaign.

even especially on mobile

Instant games mainly target mobile users. We developed the Airdrop game to take full advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices. Using WebGL libraries (three.js and pixi js) and a great deal of creative coding we managed to make the game very smooth on most of the recent devices.

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Redbull Chordsurfer

Red Bull Chordsurfer