Branding the comfort

Mobitec is a private family-managed Belgian company specialized in the production of customizable high-end chairs, armchairs and tables. The company recently decided to move from its historically solely B2B sales strategy to a mixed B2B and B2C approach, selling directly to the final consumer. Addressing a whole new sector was the perfect moment to completely update the company’s branding.

The new logo translates many aspects of Mobitec’s core business into graphical elements. It has been built around the concept of circular shapes to remind the consumer of the little signature ring present on all of Mobitec’s furnitures. The circle is also commonly known as the shape most associated with comfort…just like our client’s chairs ! It was only natural to make this shape such a centric elements in the building of the new identity.
The unique personalization of Mobitec products is represented through the various combinations of circles, lines and other geometric shapes associated with a palette of pastel colours.

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