EPIC's new home base

Relocated & Reloaded

News from the front

Despite all the hurdles of a worldwide pandemic, our team managed to relocate to new offices and create a new home base while maintaining the quality of service our clients are accustomed to.

Here we are. Home sweet home. We're looking forward to welcoming you in our new set up!

  • 670M2
Investing in ourselves

Investing in our talent

After 9 years of renting our previous offices, our previous set up could no longer keep up with our ambitions and rapidly growing team.

So we figured it was time to bite the bullet and finally give ourselves the proper means to do what we do best.

Better equipped than ever

Better equipped than ever

  • 4 meeting rooms & 2 workshop spaces
  • 670M2 of office space and soft carpet floors
  • A lot more light & friendlier neighbours
  • One fully-equipped kitchen and two showers
  • Non-leaky toilets & two urinals

A cozy, intimate movie theater. Say what? Yep, you heard it right! Grab your popcorn and take a seat🍿.

LIEGE - capital of the world

We're proud of our cité ardente with its traditional waffles and top quality beer 🤩. Our new offices' location also facilitates our staff's commute from home.

Dropping in during office hours has never been easier:

Rue Wiertz 38 Box 12, 4000 Liège
Tel. +32 78 15 11 45
VAT BE0812 258 994
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From 4 to 26

A healthy & steady growth

We've come a long way since our inception a few years ago. From a startup with a few geeks cooped up in a room, a project that eventually became a thriving, full-blown digital creative agency now carried by 26 specialists. We've embraced the wave of digital transformation and it has paid off.

They say size matters...🙄 But we certainly don’t want to be the biggest. For us, it's all about getting things done the right way, and with style!

Come say hi !

We‘re fully equipped with masks, gels and COVID-19 antibodies.

Rue Wiertz 38 Box 12, 4000 Liège