• Role
    Front-end developer
  • Seniority
  • Type
    Full time
  • Presence

Medior front-end developer

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EPIC is looking for a proficient front-end developer to join the ranks of other like-minded developers.

  • Are you super-skilled at front-end development ?
  • Do you think a digital experience is nothing without the finesse of micro interactions & optimized performances ?
  • Do you want to be part of a leading creative agency that has been exploring worldwide digital projects for 15 years from Liège (shoutout to my boïs from the 4000 🤙) ?

Then, you might want to hear what we have to offer you !
(If you’re a bad back-end developer that is super skilled in front-end development but is stuck in a back-end position…keep reading as well)

EPIC - Office - Entree
This sign is not there anymore, but the picture looks nice so we still use it.

Who you are

Front-end developing is at the heart of our creational process. It’s the magic that turns a tool into an engaging user experience. We’re not just looking for a skilled programmer who can code with css and animate with Javascript, we need someone with a sharp eye, someone who can spot the devil in the detail and help us create amazing projects.

In other words, you’re someone who believes that being “good” isn’t good enough. You strive for excellence. Coding is a good and a required skill to have but remember that this job is about working with a team. We need team players, not lonesome cowboys.

You will be working on a wide variety of projects: interactive experiences, websites, web apps, games, etc. Your skills will be instrumental in bringing our projects to life.

The skills you should (ideally) have

  • Experience and knowledge about the latest cool stuff in HTML and CSS, and how to gracefully degrade
  • Experience and knowledge about “ES20xx” and some JS framework (Vue.js, React, …).
  • Experience with creative techniques/libs, such as GSAP, WebGL, Lottie, Three.js, PixiJS, Arduino, …
  • Experience in implementing responsive design.
  • Knowledge of optimizing CSS/JavaScript performance by coding practices and tools.
  • Good UX and Design sensibilities.
  • Comfortable with CLI and Git.
  • Able to work in-house in Belgium (Liège) & speak French fluently.
  • A good spoken/written english level (If you’re translating all this with ChatGPT, it is not a good sign)

Your team

At EPIC, we are a team, we work together to improve ourselves and better our project…but let’s be honest… a developer is not a designer, a front-end dev is not a back-end dev…and who wants to be an account manager anyways ?

You will be part of the front-end developer team. The biggest (not that it counts…) team of our agency! You will code among a happy crowd of 7 other front-end developers, from various seniority levels.

The organization is pretty flat at EPIC, so you will refer to Thierry, our lead front-end developer. He is pretty friendly (bonus point if you share his passion for biking through a desert for 10 days or going on a trail at night in winter) and will help you evolve in your new working environment.

All in all, the offices are not huge and our methodology is deeply rooted into collaboration so you will have a lot of interactions with the other profiles of the agency: back-end developers, designers, project managers, account managers…and with your clients !

Your daily job

  • You work from Monday to Friday (This is a full-time position)
  • You take part in daily meetings with the team and help find solutions to usability issues.
  • You communicate and share your knowledge. You sketch wireframes with the designer and convert them to prototypes in order to validate the concepts.
  • You find creative alternatives to meet the most demanding client’s constraints and craziest designers’ fantasies.
  • You listen a lot and understand client’s business challenges.
  • You think user, content, mobile first.
  • You write clean, modular and DRY code (you know what DRY means, right?).
  • Your work involves a lot of discussions with colleagues, clients and the community.
  • A winning personality and graciousness are prerequisites for the job.

Benefits of the position

  • Company laptop
  • Cell phone plan paid by the company
  • Food vouchers
  • Eco vouchers (to buy plants or train tickets)
  • Commuter assistance plan
  • Personal continuing training budget
  • Health insurance (DKV)
  • Flexible schedule (no, it doesn’t mean you can come in whenever you want; but you won’t be yelled at for not sitting a your desk at 8.30 sharp)
  • 13th month salary
  • Yearly holiday pay
  • Yearly bonus according to the agency’s financial results
  • Chocolate at Saint-Nicolas and Easter (if you have been good)
  • Free drinks and snacks

    What we really care about


    For this position, at least 3 past experience as front-end developer is highly recommended.
    But more than that, we need someone who can generate creative and effective code within a defined budget and a time frame.

    At EPIC, no one works alone, ever.

    As is to be expected, decisions are made as a result of frank discussions with the team, knowledge sharing, astute prioritization and continuous empathy.

    You not only feel responsible for your team members, but you are capable of relying on them, empowering their ideas and listening to their opinions.

    You are proactive, you are here to improve our processes, make things move forward and you continually ask yourself how to fix broken things instead of waiting to be served.

    At EPIC, we enjoy working in a friendly atmosphere and we’re very selective about the people we recruit. Hopefully you’ll be a good match and a nice addition to the team.

    About EPIC


    EPIC is a Belgian digital agency made of passion and sorcery that proudly delivers bewitching projects since 2009.

    No matter what kind of client we are working with – a big brand, a startup, an institution or a family farm – what matters to us is that the client understands our way of doing things.

    This is how we ensure the most suitable environment to our people to deliver the best.

    There are 30 of us.

    Some of us love foosball, others hunt Pokémon, photograph the trembling grasses at dawn, breed chickens in their garden, walk in socks in the office, run up and down the Alps or practice yoga every Thursday…

    They are now part of your life, they talk to you not only at the coffee machine, they know you and make you a better person.

    Are you still reading ?

    Click the link below to apply for this position. Please provide links relevant to your experience : websites, personal webpage, experiments, Github or Codepen account, ….

    Anything that will show for your front-end skills…we’re trustfull people, but we can’t really take “I’m a great developer” for granted without seing some of the stuff you’ve coded !