The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for Liège, Verviers and Namur is by far the most prominent and dynamic business association in Wallonia. They wanted to be sure that companies clearly understand what they can do for them.

The Notorious C.C.I.

The CCILVN is active in Wallonia for several decades and is famously known for some unmissable networking events they organise every year. In 2020, they initiated a process with us to review their services and the way they interact with their members.

Thanks to user testing, it became clear that a lot of their members only had a partial view of all the services they can provide them with. If it was the case for active members, what about potential new members?

At the end of the process, it was clear that the website should be completely overhauled with two objectives: explain potential members what they can do for them and keep actual members up to date about CCILVN’s upcoming events.

On top of that, it was a good occasion to refresh the visual identity of the association and refine their mission, vision, values (and brand promises) statement.

A flexible agenda

With dozens of events organised every year in each province and even more trainings and discussion groups, navigating through the CCILVN agenda can be a daunting process… no more!

A lot of energy has been put on the agenda to make sure that users can have a clear view of the upcoming events, especially from a mobile phone.

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