Domaine de Bronromme

There are places you’d rather be at than not…Bronromme is one of them. Promoting such a unique venue was not the worst job we took on…

Branding for weddings

Promoting an exceptional place that hosts private & corporate events might seem like an easy task when the pictures speak for themselves…well not quite.

As it turns out, there are a LOT of venus available in Wallonia to host all kind of amazing (or not so amazing) events. Hence a pretty fierce competition. So, just like for any other brand, you have to step your game up if you want to stand out from the crowd.

So we helped the Domaine of Bronromme to do just that: creating a unique brand identity that matches the image they hoped would be conveyed to their clients and prospects.

Fast forward 4 brand-identity workshops, a few design sprints and a couple brainstormings later and there you have it: a complete new brand. Logo, corporate colours, imagery, communication tools, social media toolkits, and everything else the client needed to unfold their communication.

Homemade visual assets

Their team started with nothing in terms of visual assets, so we went down there to get some authentic shots of the venue (yeah, that was really the worst part of the job): photo-shootings, video-shooting, and a couple of drone runs to capture the essence of the domain.

Sleek website

Creating a sleek and classy website for the venue was the next assignment for our mission.

We created custom page templates that give much room to the pictures, so that visitors can have a real feeling of what the place looks like. For those who want to have a closer look, a custom 3D visit of the place has even been set up.

Conversions being key for such a business, we wanted to keep the pages very simple & not too heavy in terms of content so that the visitors would quickly reach a “contact” CTA and get in touch with the booking team of the venue.

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