“Innovation is the only forward for the air cargo industry.” That was the statement shared by the Liege Airport authorities to summarise the vision behind the 3-days event they were organising in November 2019.

Airport Innovation lab & summit

Aviation industry, and more specifically air cargo industry, is not renown for being at the forefront of new technologies and attracting disruptive startups with groundbreaking ideas. Still, that was the ambition behind the WeCargo 2019 conference: bringing market leaders and startups together to generate ideas, partnerships and inspirations.

With the Liege Airport team, we were in charge of designing the brand identity, the website and all the key touchpoints (offline and online) of the conference.

First, we defined the brand positioning from which the identity and the visual universe was produced: a modern logo surrounded by a bold, disruptive and avant-garde visual universe that would appeal the startup audience.

We deployed the identity of all the supports you can imagine for a conference: from mugs to interactive display and tickets.

A website that set the tone.

Crafting a strong and very distinctive identity was even more important because a conference, by essence, is an intangible thing before it first happens. In that perspective, we quickly realised that the website would play a crucial role in selling the event, setting the tone of what people can expect of such a conference.

Because it was the first edition, because the content of a conference website is not very heavy and because the organisers really wanted to attract forward thinking attendees, we were able to push the user experience on the website very far. We design the website around the disruption theme with glitches and distorsions powered by WebGL techniques that helped to add a new dimension to the initial visual identity.

On to the next one...

The event was big success thanks the amazing job of the Liege Airport team.

They were super excited to move on with a second edition in 2020… yep, that 2020. As you’ve guessed, with the world locked down between 2020 and late 2021, the next edition of We Cargo has been postponed to 2023, hopefully.

  • Time-to-market
    3 months
    3 months
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