Effective creativity
for digital awesomeness

We dedicate ourselves to crafting awesome and eye-catching digital experiences that change the way your brand connects with users.
But simply put or as our mums like to say,

we make cool stuff on the Internet!

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We are small yet mighty, we are reckless though wiser than you may think, we are go-getters but most of all, we are visionary!

(And we were born this way. Oh there aint’ no other way…!)

Our skills

Fast-moving trends require rock-solid core skills. Our savoir-faire is broader than you may expect!

  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • User Experience
  • Branding
  • Illustration & animation
  • Motion design
  • Photography
  • Gaming
  • Experiments

What we stand for

Building meaningful and engaging digital experiences is not only about hiring the best agency or dedicating the most skilled team. It's also about choosing the one that will be able to make the most out of your idea and that will push it further than you could have imagined.
This is made possible only by sharing the same vision about how and why you do what you do.
  • We love you but...

    We care much more about your users. Because who they are, what they want and their experience is what matters most!

  • You superstar ?

    Of course you are! And we are the band that supports you, your Yoko Ono, your Steve Wozniak, your René Angelil, … You got it, collaboration is key!

  • Quality is the business plan

    Your project may be small, complicated or totally crazy, we’ll handle it. But do not dare to ask us for a quick and dirty mission, we want no part of it.

  • We're not into one night stand

    It takes a while to learn all about your little secrets. Let’s make the pleasure last and you’ll discover what we are capable of.

Our Clients

Size does not matter, but vision does!
Small or big, we've been very fortunate to collaborate with clients who believe that user experience is the key to generate engagement, growth and long-term awesomeness.


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  • x27
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We are gamers, mountain lovers, athletes, musicians, bike addicts, football enthusiasts, photographers, proud parents...
We play fair, we speak the truth, we challenge everything!

  • 9
    spoken languages
  • 26
    digital lovers ready to fight
  • 30
    years old on average

We are individuals, but more than everything, we are a team. Your Team!

  • Gregory Charlier

    Operation Manager

  • Maurine Rensonnet

    Project Manager

  • Julien Brohon

    Project Manager

  • Cyrielle Marique

    Project Manager

  • Nicolas Collard

    Backend Developer

  • Long Cao

    Designer + Photographer

  • Céline Eppe

    Frontend Developer

  • Hugues Lismonde

    Partner + Technical Director

  • Karim Maaloul

    Partner + Creative Director

  • Thierry Michel

    Partner + Lead Frontend Developer

  • Benoit Rondeux

    Managing Partner

  • Wenzhu Wei

    Motion Designer + Illustrator

  • Jérémy Bachelet

    Account Manager

  • Shamil Altamirov

    Frontend Developer

  • Olivier Detry

    Project Manager

  • Cyrielle Jacobs

    Account Manager

  • Thomas Claude

    Frontend Developer

  • Lindsay Vannebenne

    Backend Developer

  • Stevens Clessens

    Frontend Developer

  • Anne-France Moreau

    Project Manager

  • Régis Gathon


  • Cyrielle Marique

    Aline Senterre

    Project Manager

  • Florine Plumier

    Florine Plumier

    Digital Project & Account Manager

  • Théo Gil Cerqueira

    Frontend Developer

  • Thibaut Moreau

    Project Manager

  • Florine Plumier

    Gabriel Dernier

    Frontend Developer

You feel like you could be one of us?
We are constantly looking for new talents to join us.

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