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EPIC is a digital agency that offers a unique blend of rock-solid technical expertise, emotional creativity and strategic empathy.

We help brands to have a positive impact on their environment by designing an inspiring, sincere and engaging customer experiences across all their digital touchpoints.

Brand identity, illustrations, motion design and much more...


As consumers, we all crave experiences: a familiar tone, a friendly rapport, a genuine understanding, a recognizable set of values — all of these interactions define your brand and make it recognizable for the customer.

Whatever your brand needs, we’re here to help. Whether it’s strengthening your brand foundations, designing a brand new visual identity or producing a motion design that tells a powerful story… we’ve got the tools and the talent for the job.

Technical look & feel for an automation, security and safety company.
Playful approach to branding a juniper producer.
Logo design & digital branding for We Cargo, a tech B2B event.
Websites, Apps & Games


We started building websites more than a decade ago, and we’re still pretty good at it. Meanwhile, we’ve also developed a whole range of other services that match the ever-expanding digital landscape.

We build robust, flexible and elegant custom-made websites, along with web applications, WebGL games, and interactive experiences. Our projects integrate field tested headless technologies and draw on mobile & user-first UX approaches.

But we never forget our vegetables though. So we also make campaigns to save seeds throughout the world!
We also like (making websites for) chocolate manufacturers.
Red Bull - Sand Scramble - Interface
We like making games of dragsters collecting cans.
Logo, illustration, Motion design and many more...


Consumers can easily feel overwhelmed in this digital age. For that reason, designing a memorable experience that resonates with the customer requires a well thought out plan that encompasses their whole customer journey.

We’re here to guide you through each step of the process — from the definition of your vision & goals, the KPIs monitoring, along with every touchpoint activation in between.

"Head of User-Testers" and "Chief of Quality Check" in their weekly summit, deciding wether we should keep making fun mobile apps.
"And this is where the client's KPIs perfectly match your UX objectives...see what I mean?"
"You really told the client to reconsider their tagging plan?"
Ima \ gine,


Building a brand experience can be an intimate process. It’s tied to the essence of who you are, why you are here and what you want to achieve. This process undoubtedly requires solid experience and expertise. But the path taken is just as crucial: it will determine the necessary skills and final result.


This explains why everything we do at EPIC is structured around the same collaborative, iterative and creative process: Imagine, Build, Tell. The threefold approach lies at the heart of EPIC’s process: every design, every piece of code, and every strategy we craft contributes to tell a powerful story that will connect with your audience and strengthen the relationship with your users.


It all stems from one question: What do you wish to achieve with your project? We then put our heads together and IMAGINE the best possible option for your brand. We broaden the range of possibilities and explore ideas to make sure we pick the right one, not just the obvious one. From there, we BUILD the vision, making sure each pixel falls into place. The devil is in the detail. Every Pixels counts. That’s the best way - the only way - to TELL a good story.