Spartans vs Hipsters

Hipsters are everywhere!

They are cuddly, they want to hug you and hipsterrify you. Help us to save the world! 

So, let's make a game

It all started as a joke and ended up as being our internal project with the longest longevity (nearly a decade later, we still have players on the platform everyday).

Back in 2015, hipsters was kind of a thing… long beards and checkered shirts were everywhere… at least in the digital ecosystem! As part of our internal R&D program, we were looking for an idea to test realtime multiplayer game on the web.

It quickly became clear that our beloved hipsters were going to be the hunting targets of spartans soldiers (because why should the game make any sense). The creative red-thread was not a challenge in itself as our creative designers quickly find some common ground.

EPIC- Spartans VS Hipsters - Newsletter
EPIC - Spartans VS Hipsters - Carte De Voeux

Multiplayer, multi-device game

But we wanted to be a bit more innovative on the technical/ux side of the game. So we decide to create a game that would be played with your smartphone as the gamer controller! In addition to that, you were able to ask your friends for help through you Twitter social media account.

The game was an immediate success… eer… we mean “yeah , mhh whatever it’s cool”. Joke aside, the visibility of the game pushed us to add new battle fields to be able to accept more players at the same time without making the game unplayable.

EPIC - Spartans VS Hipsters - Maps
EPIC - Spartans VS Hipsters - Castle
EPIC - Spartans VS Hipsters - Game Over

Ready, set?

Hey, the game is still available online… even though Hipsters are now part of our everyday life and the game may be classified in the indie category now, we believe it’s still fun to play.

So, why don’t you give it a try?

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    1,5 month
    1,5 month
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