UPS Delivery day

Are you able to keep the pace?

In a nutshell

UPS asked us to come up with a creative concept to raise awareness around their UPS MyChoice® service and UPS Access Point®. We decided to develop a game where the player has to sort and send as many parcels as possible before the clock runs out.

  • Creativity
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Web development

UPS, I did it again…

Be fast, precise and smart

This is what it takes to be a reliable UPS Driver! The game is all about organising your parcels as efficiently as possible to make them match their destinations.

Some UPS Access Points occasionally appear to help you deliver faster.

Mobile first, desktop friendly

No surprise. Nowadays people navigate, shop and find their soulmate using their mobile phone. There is no reason they couldn’t play games the same way. UPS Delivery Day was developed with mobile behaviours in mind and we extended the experience on desktop so that everyone could enjoy the game.

Minimum poly count, maximum heart rate!

We ended up with a very addictive gameplay. But that was only possible by ensuring that the game worked smoothly on every targeted device. For a 3D game, keeping the polygon count as low as possible was key. That’s why we designed a freshly shaved UPS Driver in a low poly style who was able to coach the players, cheer them up, and even make a facepalm if that’s all they deserved. We also designed coloured parcels and houses to play with.

Everything is ugly at the beginning...

...Even babies. But aesthetic is nothing if the game is boring. So we prototyped the gameplay at a very early stage of the development to validate our ideas and vision. The video below shows how we went from a brutalistic monkey eating cubes under the guidance of Mario, to a polished game for a corporate brand. The only constant throughout the process? The fun it conveys.

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