Bloomlife has developed an outstanding compact device that counts the contractions of a pregnant woman, tracks them and displays them on your mobile phone.

Peaceful pregnancy

Bloomlife product is great but, like every innovation, many questions arose: Is it safe? Can it be trusted? How does it work? Do people really need it?

EPIC was hired to help find the best way of explaining what Bloomlife is and to visually answer all of these questions.

To deliver a great project we believe it’s essential we work closely with the client, so we flew to San Francisco for the project kick-off and initial phase.

In less than one week we had a working prototype of the main part of the website, a clear vision of the next steps and a much greater knowledge about pregnancy!

This is not a toy

It’s serious tech.

The technology behind Bloomlife is backed by science. It’s safe, reliable and accurate. All of these points are incredibly important for future mothers and needed to be effectively communicated.

To address this challenge we chose a clear and simple illustration style and created a few animations to support and simplify Bloomlife’s scientific claims.

Bloomlife - Site - Design page

Photography direction

We had to balance the scientific aspects with the emotional ones. We are talking here about the well-being of future moms and their babies. Bloomlife wanted to give them extra support during this very unique life moment.

So we suggested a photography direction based on a bright and peaceful environment, portraying a family living real situations. The pictures were shot according to the needs of the website and the story we were telling.

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