Craft a brand experience that lives up to the reputation of one of the most respected contemporary Belgian furniture brand

Brand identity

Mobitec is a strong brand that has been among the best-in-class on the custom furniture market pretty much ever since the company was created in 1990.

Being in the furniture market kind of gives you the habit of wanting to be up to modern standards in terms of aesthetics and looks. Which most likely is the main reason why the head of marketing at Mobitec didn’t wish to keep growing with their current brand identity.

Bonus trigger: Mobitec was about to turn 30 years old.  The perfect kind of momentum you want to take advantage of to come out modern & fresh looking!

So we went to work! From core business values to contemporary trends, we took the old  visual identity upside-down and built a new, modern-looking logo & brandbook ready to make Mobitec keep shining for the next 30 years.

Mobitec - Branding - Logo Before After
Mobitec - Branding - Logo Construction
Mobitec - Branding - Logo Variant
Mobitec - Branding - Logo O
Mobitec - Branding - Logo Responsive


The refreshed branding of Mobitec was no coincidence; we were also working on the complete revamp of their website!

Oddly enough, their old website still held up very well. Never had we seen a code so pure and a design so creative in such an old website before…truly amazing… all right all right, we’re the ones who designed and coded it…

So we can safely say that even if it was still all right, it clearly didn’t hold up to Mobitec’s strategic and commercial vision.

Brand new customer journeys, completely rethought content hierarchy, first example of the recently refreshed branding, custom Google Analytics setup and reports… a lot of work was put into it and it was all very worth it.

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