Red Bull
Sand Scramble

After releasing a more than 50 activations of the Racers game around the world,
Red Bull asked us to explore unchartered territories by creating an off-road racer game.

Jumps and drifts baby!

Drop the EPIC team in a digital desert landscape and watch them turn that sandbox into the wildest, craziest, m*therf*ck****badass track only lunatics would dare to venture on.

Throw in a few monster dragsters and you’ve got yourself a loaded toy no serious gamer could pass up. Game on!


Grab the wheel of a 4×4 buggy and dive in, weaving between the dunes, battling rocky grounds, dunking pylons.

No brakes. No barriers. Only full speed.

Future-proof branding

A Red Bull Racer experience called for a proper logo.

The Red Bull shield was a no-brainer. But how would it hold up in extreme weather conditions?

Red Bull - Sand Scramble - Logo Iterations


We converted the logo into a portal.

Players would enter through the shield, transitioning into the gameworld.v

(Truly) Responsive design

It’s not 2005 anymore…
So it was clear that the game needed to work both on desktop and mobile.

That’s already tricky for any website interface but it’s an even spicier challenge for gaming interfaces. We decided to got for 2 types of controls & adjusted the difficulty to be as fair as possible with both types of players.

In order to operate both on desktop and mobile, we tweaked a few settings to level the playing field for all drivers.

Laying out the rules

Not that the game is complex to play… but some players will need basic assistance to get by with their dragsters and understand the rules of Sand Scramble’s world.

A handy one-pager tutorial quickly goes over the basics of the game in case you need a hand before racing away in the dunes!

Red Bull - Sand Scramble - Rules
  • Time-to-market
    2 months
    2 months
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